Tummy To Tippy Toes Lookbook

Welcome to our lookbook for our babies' setups. Please note they are suitable for babies 4–15 months old only. Do let us know which setup you prefer!

Steps to choosing your baby themes:

1) Choose a theme from the different categories below

(Outfit will follow the theme)

2) Consider optional top ups

3) Let us know via the form below or WhatsApp us at 96403774

* Themed setup is only for babies under 15 months old

Step 1: Choose a theme

Can’t find the setups you like? We can do customised setups provided we can conjure up the props for you. Feel free to WhatsApp us at 96403774 to let us know what ideas you have.

If you need options on the outfits, please click on the link to view some of our outfits. Kindly note the outfits are subject to availability, and this is not our full collection. To be safe, parents are still encouraged to bring in their own outfits for the baby in case of a fitting issue. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3aka4m9xgkjejuy/AAC3gyy_kYOCg2JLxNfWNUEBa?dl=0

Step 2: Optional Top Ups

Option i) Additional theme for baby - $80          

- Choose another normal themed setup for baby. 

* Themed setup is only for babies under 15 months old

Step 3: Made up your mind?

Please refer to the TTTT Selection questionnaire email we sent you to let us know your choice!