Cake Smash Outdoors Locations or Alternatives

Our themes are usually matched to a specific location due to its suitability, lighting (direction and timing). Below is a list of our standard locations and its alternatives.

East Coast Park

*Photographer's favourite

*Most of our outdoor cake smash themes are done at East Coast Park as this location offers the best forest scene and the best look to our setup

Upper Pierce Reservoir

*AM only

Sentosa Palawan Beach

*location surcharge applies

Upper Seletar Reservoir

*PM only if to be done on the resevoir

*AM at Upper Seletar Reservoir

Canterbury Road

*PM only

Botanic Garden (Tanglin Gate)

*Note that teepee is not allowed to be setup here

Lorong Halus

*This location has not much shade so preferably to be done early in the morning like 8AM