Maternity / Baby Bump FAQs

You asked, we answer! Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Maternity/BB photoshoot and its details. 


What are the setups for indoors?

Each studio BB package includes 2 setups. These can be be of different colours for the backdrop. 

What's the difference between indoors and outdoors shoot?

Indoor setups are shot against classic neutral coloured backdrops. For the outdoors it is against scenery. Of course it will be more hot and humid outdoors compared to air conditioning. 

What are the colours available for the background?

We have coloured backdrops such as white, black, brown, pink. 

Outfits / HMA

How many outfits can I wear?

One outfit per setup only. However we do change outfits between the different setups! 

Do you provide any outfits?

Yes, we provide a variety of maternity gowns which you can choose from. Feel free to bring your own if you like!

What do I need to bring?

- Nude or skin coloured strapless bra.

- Nude, white and black panties. Bring all if unsure. 

- A tube top, similarly white, black or skin coloured.

- Any props such as ultrasound scans and baby shoes and toys.

What if I want Hair and Makeup?

We have some artists' contacts for you in a prep guideline we send. Contact them directly as we do not take any commissions. You can use our studio or have them doll you up in your home! However, please let us know your preference on this.  

What should my family wear?

We recommend colour coordinated outfits with less loud branding/logos/wordings. Think solid colours and subtle prints! We do not provide outfits for them.

Outdoor Shoot

How do you calculate the hour/timing of the shoot?

Tt usually takes 45 mins to 1 hr 15 mins. 

For outdoors, additional time may be required for walking around etc. 

We also consider the children's energy level to get the best outcome.

Badweather. What now?

Reschedule. No charge. 

That is provided ourcustomer and us both decide to reschedule due to weather forecast a couple hoursbefore the shoot. 

Once on location however,we will not be able to replace the lost time nor reschedule. 


I am not sure about posing. Will the photographer guide me?

The photographer will guide you through all the poses. If you have any preferred references please let her know.

How long before I get my lovely photos?

Hang in there! After 2 weeks we will send you a link for downloading your softcopies.

What is the difference between basic edited and fully edited photos?

Basic edits include overall brightness, colours and cropping adjustments. Full edits bring it one step further with skin retouching/slimming or any specific requests on the persons in the photos. 

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