Fresh 48 FAQs

You asked, we answer! Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Fresh 48 photoshoot and its details. 

Important Info

What is Fresh 48?

It is a black & white documentary style photoshoot designed to capture the intimate moments between the baby and the family in their first 48 hours. 

Do I need to look good?

You already do. The shoot aims to capture natural moments so what you wear does not matter. 

Where is F48 done?

F48 is done in the hospital ward after the baby is delivered. The photoshoot cannot be extended past discharge. 

What other information does the photographer need?

- The hospital.

- When you are going in labour / date of C-section. 

- Specific requests such as breastfeeding / skin to skin. 


When do I arrange for the shoot?

Once you are in labour, send us a quick text so we can be on standby.  

Otherwise, let us know your C-section date in advance. 

Baby is out now. What next?

Congratulations! Photographer will come to the hospital in the morning or early afternoon. This can be quickly arranged through text. 

What if I cannot text?

We recommend appointing someone and sharing the contact with us so we can both be well-informed!


How long before I get mylovely photos?

Hang in there! After 2 weekswe will send you a link for downloading your softcopies.

Can I have some photos first for announcing my baby's birth?

Yes, the photographer will be able to send you a few shots for your quick announcement if you like. 

What is the difference between basic edited and fully edited photos?

Basic edits include overall brightness, colours and cropping adjustments. Full edits bring it one step further with skin retouching/slimming or any specific requests on the persons in the photos. 

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